1. Close reading is the ability to do more than just read what is on the page. It is to look past what is just writen and become sensitive to what the author is trying to tell you. (What)

2. Close readign is important to findign out what the author wants us to understand from their writing. When we read, we are taking words and trying to put meaning and experiences to them. When an author wrotes, he is takign meaning and experience and putting it into words. It is out job to try and translate what experiences he was originally putting into the writing.(what)

3. Look for vocabulary and things like figurative language.  You should also be lookig for ways to connect deeper to the writing.  You should also be looking for ways that the writing connects top culture. This will help you get a deeper meaning ot the text. (Paul)

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Paul, Richard, and Linda Elder. “The Art of Close Reading (Part One).” Critical Thinking Index Page. Web. 22 Mar.    2012. http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/critical-thinking-the-art-of-close-reading-part-one/509.

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